Dixie-Net Help Desk
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New Additions

Email settings for mobile devices

Dixie-Net Phone Service Support

Use this link to find more information on enabling, installing, and running the new Dixie-Net Web Accelerator.
Dixie-Net Spamtrap
Answers to common questions regarding the Dixie-Net's new Spam filtering service.

Common Answers

DNS & Dialup Numbers
Find your nameserver IP addresses and modem dial-up numbers here.
Help Desk Phone Numbers
A list of local call-in numbers to the Dixie-Net Help Desk alphabetized by county.
Speed Test
Find out how fast your Internet connection really is.
Software Downloads
Recommended software for making your Internet experience a little better.
Instructions & Screenshots
Having trouble getting something to work? Check here to see if your question has already been answered.
Personal Webspace
Detailed instructions on how to set up your personal website.


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