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Monday, January 23, 2012

2011 Tippah County Tournament
Shark 102.3FM and Dixie-Net
All-Tournament Team



Becca Ruckes, Ripley Deion Palmer, Ripley
Jayla Chills, Ripley Malik Pearson, Ripley
Matavia Cox, Ripley Canaan Ratliff, Ripley
Becky Robinson, Walnut Michael Culver, Blue Mountain
Presley Pulse, Walnut Jacob Girley, Blue Mountain
Taylor Doyle, Walnut  Josh Girley, Blue Mountain
Bryanna Davis, Pine Grove  Andrew Hopper, Pine Grove
Breanna Williams, Falkner Austin Hopper, Pine Grove
Tycorius Williams, Blue Mountain Devonte Bell, Walnut
  Kendrick Williams, Falkner

Monday, January 11, 2011 3:21PM CDT

2011 Tippah County Tournament
Shark 102.3FM and Dixie-Net
All-Tournament Team

Shunquest Howell, Ripley Acie Vance, Ripley
Jayla Chills, Ripley Malik Perason, Ripley
Presley Pulse, Walnut Quentin Rucker, Blue Mountain
Rebecca Robinson, Walnut Von Echohls, Blue Mountain
Bryanna Davis, Pine Grove Andrew Hopper, Pine Grove
Chloe Bailey, Pine Grove Austin Hopper, Pine Grove
Kolbe McElwain, Falkner Dominic Steele, Walnut
Danette Williams, Blue Moutain Kendrick Williams, Falkner
Honorable Mention  
India Howard, Ripley Ron Dixon, Ripley
Becca Ruckes, Ripley Dion Palmer, Ripley
Lindsey Downs, Walnut Laramie Bean, Blue Mountain
Wynisha Adams, Walnut Antonio Stephens, Blue Mountain
Lacey Blakney, Pine Grove Matt Bailey, Pine Grove
Katelin Miller, Pine Grove Blake West, Pine Grove
Breana Williams, Falkner Devonte Bell, Walnut
Krystal Mooney, Blue Mountain Clay McCoy, Falkner

Friday, August 20, 2010, 4:34 pm CDT

Mail server and Spamtrap restored

Replacement webserver arrived this afternoon, and we were able to move the webhosting load onto it. This allowed Spamtrap and other degraded mail services to be restored to normal functioning. If you are still having trouble, please contact our Customer Service at 800-918-9023, and let us help you check everything.

Dixie-Net Staff

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lightning Damage

Lightning damaged one of our webservers and we had to move the websites to the SPAM filter machine temporarily. Those two processes have been temporarily combined into one machine, so both services are running in a degraded state due to the increased load on the machine. Spamtrap whitelists, blacklists, and custom rules are temporarily suspended and the filter is running on default rules. You will be getting more SPAM. Please bear with us as we work towards stabilization.

Dixie-Net Staff

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Major Fiber Outage

Wednesday morning's storms and rains wreaked havoc in many areas in Mississippi. Reports of flooding, downed trees, phone and power lines have come in from across the state. We are currently experiencing extreme slowness due to a major fiber disruption in AT&T's network. We have re-routed traffic to a smaller back-up feed so that you all will be able to get _some_ connectivity, albeit much slower than you are accustomed to having.

Dixie-Net personnel were up most of the night on the phone, pushing for updates and specifics, and it is our understanding that fiber crews were to be onsite this morning at 7:00 to begin the repair. It is also our understanding that there are about 100 major customers like Dixie-Net who are also impacted by this outage.

Please bear with us as we wait for updates, which we will post here.

Dixie-Net Staff


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