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Dixie-Net goes broadband in Louisville

12/14/2004 7:26:36 AM
Daily Journal

RIPLEY - Dixie-Net has installed a wireless network that covers 90 percent of Louisville, and the Ripley-based Internet Service Provider hopes the project will jumpstart broadband services to the rest of Winston County, Oktibbeha County and other "underserved" areas. Read more...

"We wanted to get the Louisville Network up and operational, and then build on that success as we move into surrounding areas,"said company vice president Chris Marsalis.

The Louisville Wireless Network went "live" just before Thanksgiving, with Dixie-Net delivering wireless access to several areas and businesses. Some municipal facilities also also connected to the network.

According to a company press release, the network is capable of delivering up to 8Mbps download speeds - the equivalent of 12 T1s. No phone line or cable connection is necessary. In addition to coverage in downtown Louisville, the wireless network also covers the Griffin Industrial Park, and reaches out into the county in the Grace Christian School area.

Handling the engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the network will be an association of Corinth companies, including GDE & Associates ,LLC and Ratec Inc.

The service requires on-site installation of a small, flat-panel wireless receiver, similar to a satellite dishs. The receiver "talks back" to one of the network's access points and Dixie-Net then converts the wireless signal to a land-line Internet feed, delivering the data to facilities in Jackson and Ripley.

Marsalis said that bandwidth is a great recruitment tool.

"We want to do whatever we can to attract new business and industry into the state," he said. "Low-cost broadband Internet is one of the first requirements for any industry looking at locating in Mississippi."

For more information on Dixie-Net Wireless Internet Service, click here.

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